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Wife opens the door

  A man comes home late from work. When he asks what they eat, his wife says: “Well, GE is lucky: I didn’t prepare anything,because we don’t have anything in the house.” The man says: “Then let’s go to a restaurant, then we’ll have a delicious Escargot dinner.” The woman …

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Laughter ten minutes a day improves the quality of life

The experts in neurology and psychology affect today, in the World Day of the Laughter, in the benefits that this gesture innate to the human being has for the health, as much from the mental point of view as the physical one, and they recommend to laugh until the laughter …

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benefits of laughter

Curiously, children smile an average of 200 times a day, while adults do it only 20times. But it would be better to increase this proportion! And, according to scientists at the University of Navarre, the benefits of laughing are so many that it has even been possible to show that smiling people live 4 and a half …

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The importance of laughter in your health and life

Without a doubt, today laughter does not receive the importance and attention it deserves. Unfortunately it is something that does not transcend to become an essential every day. Our level of life and the rhythm that we carry every day forces us to be partners of stress and, to a lesser …

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