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My love dress for you

Jeanine goes to visit her son Piet. She arrives there and knocks. A voice says: Come in, the door is open! Jeanine enters and she sees her daughter-in-law Sophie lying on the couch…. Jeanine asks: What is that? Sophie: That’s my love dress for when Piet comes home. Jeanine goes …

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Wife opens the door

  A man comes home late from work. When he asks what they eat, his wife says: “Well, GE is lucky: I didn’t prepare anything,because we don’t have anything in the house.” The man says: “Then let’s go to a restaurant, then we’ll have a delicious Escargot dinner.” The woman …

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A woman says to her husband..

  A woman says to her husband: “Do you want to get the groceries today ? “That’s good”, the man says and leaves. A while later he comes back from shopping. He cleans up all the groceries and then places a bag of cotton wool and a roll of rope …

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I will miss you very much too

  Karel comes into his bedroom and asks his wife: “Honey would you still love me if I had a deformed figure?” His wife is painting her nails and replies without looking back: “Of course my darling, I always love you” “And if I became impotent,” asks Karel, “and we …

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